In the post recession era most mortgage products we see are very vanilla. Anything the least bit out of the ordinary and most loan applications are denied. That is why when we see unique products that service a niche market we get excited. We have just learned of two such products offered by Homebridge Financial Services that each serves a special need.

If you have a high cash flow but limited liquid assets for a down payment or if you wish to preserve capital:

High LTV Preferred Offering: on primary residences up to 89.90% up to $1mm loan amount

  • Fully Amortizing 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1 Arms
  • 36% / 38% maximum Debt to Income ratios
  • Primary residences – Detached and attached single family homes, Planned Urban Developments, and eligible condominiums
  • Purchase and Rate/Term refinance only
  • Minimum credit score 740
  • Additional reserve requirements in addition to standard

If you have other non-housing debt that disqualifies you for traditional mortgages:

High Debt to Income Program Offering: up to 49.00% with additional reserve requirements

  • Loan To Value less than or equal to 80%
  • Fully-amortizing Arm products only
  • Non-QM due to DTI ONLY

For more information on these products contact Dave Lewis at Homebridge Financial 386-931-6123