This home in Palm Coast is a great house but it languished on the market for 222 days with an offer.  We don't believe the problem was the price.  We believe it was the way it was presented to the market.  

Vacant houses often do not show well.  The space can feel cold and uninviting or “too neutral.”  It is tempting to believe that we have prepared a blank canvas on which the potential buyer can place their unique imprint.  

Sadly, a vacant, neutral décor can leave buyers uncertain as to how their furniture or decorating style will fit with the rooms, even those with great architectural detail.   As a result, the home languishes on the market waiting for a buyer with vision.  We believed that was the case with this home.  And that it the property wood clearly benefit from home staging.  The addition of tasteful furniture, rugs, art, and accessories fashioned an environment that is distinctive, memorable and create desire in the target buyer.  

Did it work?  In a word yes.  An offer was accepted with in less than a week after staging and will sell for 97% the asking price.  One of the other side benefits of staging the home is that other cooperating agents get excited about showing beautiful property.  They see the difference and know the property will be easier to sell.  After the house was staged we invited 20 area Realtors so top by the house for lunch and preview the property.  Several agents began going through their prospect lists while saying "Who can I show this home to?"  Why? because they knew the home would sell itself.  

But don't take our word for it.  Here are some before and after photos.  Which home would you be more likely to go see?  


If you have a home that has languished on the market ask us how we can get people saying things like this about your home.