Setbacks from the side of the property are a minimum of ten feet. But city can impose other set backs that take into consideration lot size, location, easements existing structures and navigation. No dock can exceed 65% of the water frontage of the property. So for example if you lot is 80 feet wide the maximum dock size would be 52 feet. When you think about this makes a lot of sense. If you could build a dock that extended much beyond that it may limit the ability of your neighbor to navigate into their boat lift.

No docks or piers can extend more than twelve feet into the navigable area of the saltwater canal unless the canal is 100’ or more in width, in which case they can extend out sixteen feet. All boat lifts must be mounted within the twelve or sixteen foot dimension allowed for structures in the waterway and if your boat lift includes a roof over the dock the roof must be hip roof construction which is stronger design that has been proven to be more storm resistant then gable roofs.